Whorlton Lido on the River Tees, County Durham © Metaforz Photography 2013Whorlton Lido is located on the River Tees south of the village of Whorlton and downstream of Whorlton Bridge, Whorlton in County Durham (OS Grid Ref NZ 108145)

8 thoughts on “Whorlton Lido”

  1. I completely agree. Wonderful fun in a stunning natural setting. It brought so much joy to so many. You can’t ‘create’ such places.

  2. I’m 74 now but I used to go to Whorlton Lido more than 60 years ago. My favourite activity was sitting on a ledge under a waterfall and watching the rainbows. There used to be hundreds of people in the field on weekends and I don’t remember any serious injuries even though the older lads jumped down the waterfalls. I still have happy memories but I suppose Health and Safety wouldn’t permit those activities now, so there would be no chance of the current landowner opening the field to the public again.

    1. Hi Tom,

      That’s a wonderful image you’ve painted there – really expressive. We took our kids there several times in the mid-90s and it was always a great but simple day out on what was inevitably a hot summer’s day. I think it’s popularity inevitably conspired against it. I’d be interested to hear other folks’ tales of there time at the lido. Take care.

  3. Hi, I have just recently visited this site as I thought I would rekindle some of my youth as I use to come here as a child some 50+ years ago, only to find it all overgrown and unused how sad, what happened?

    1. Hi Paul,

      Unfortunately, it seems that the new landowner had issues with those sorts of activities and pulled the plug a few years ago. Perhaps he had good reason for it: my impression was that he didn’t like the encroachment by Joe Public but it’s often difficult to see other people’s point of view when facilities like this are withdrawn. It’s a real shame because although I didn’t live close enough to it myself, our kids were able to have some great times there in the mid-nineties. For our wellbeing as humans we should be ADDING to sites like these but that’s never going to be the case is it? RIP Whorlton Lido.

    2. Same here! When I was less than 11 my parents used to bring me here .One shilling entrance .Beautiful waters from the moors for swimming. After , jumping on the stepping stones .
      I’m now 71 !!

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