About Us

Since 2012, the Durham Cow has been a “labour-of-love” where we’ve casually recorded the fantastic landscape and unique heritage sites of County Durham and neighbouring shires, up to and over the border with Scotland.

We started with the Weardale Way followed by the Teesdale Way and now visit sites which we think are special anywhere in the North – usually by walking or cycling – then publishing the routes here on The Durham Cow where they’re free to download in a variety of formats.

Your Views Are Valued

Although we’re rarely short of ideas, if you’ve got any views, comments or suggestions resulting from your own experience – good or bad, as long as they’re respectful – we’d love to hear them and to integrate them where we can. One of the most amazing things we’ve found over the years is that everyone has a story but most people don’t appreciate how interesting it is to others so feel free to share your thoughts either through the comments or by emailing us directly using the icon at the top of the page.

How We Fund The Durham Cow

While we love what we do it’s become increasingly expensive to do it. If you think that promoting our great region is important you can support this site by making a small donation on Buy Me a Coffee whenever you’re able. It’s cheap, quick, secure, entirely voluntary and gives us a little buzz whenever we get one!

Buy Me a Coffee was set up in 2017 to help content creators like us here at The Durham Cow use donations as a source of revenue without having to use intrusive ads. All donations are voluntary and the process simple – no personnel information is requested other than a means of payment. To make a donation just click the Buy Me a Coffee button in the top right corner whenever you feel like it. We really appreciate it.


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