Sculpture entitled 'Sheep at Low Force'

Sheep at Low Force

Sheep at Low Force (2002) is a sculpture in limestone by Keith Alexander, a local artist who lives in the North East near Barnard Castle. Keith, who was born in 1956 and has other installations close by, near Holwick, created the sculpture in full view of the public and considered them to be elemental in its creation. The sheep are  positioned to mark the last flower-filled pasture before the fell, which is reflected in one of the two inscriptions: “It reverts to scrub. Once it’s gone, it’s lost” (a local farmer’s quote about the effect of managed grazing). The other is a quote from a walker: “It’s a wonderful place to be”. The stones had been on site for two years prior to completion which was delayed by the 2000 foot-and-mouth epidemic and bad weather. The sculpture is located at Low Force on the Pennine Way/Teesdale Way, close to Wynch Bridge.

Location NY 903279


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