Winston Bridge

winston-bridgeThis lofty bridge straddling the steep, wooded gorge created by the River Tees below the village of Winston stands on the site of an earlier medieval bridge constructed around 1424 that may even have had Roman origins.

Its single stone arch of 111′ (34 m) was the longest of its kind in Europe when it was completed in 1764. It was designed by amateur architect Sir Thomas Robinson (1702-77) who 30 years earlier, had designed his own home at Rokeby Hall further upstream.

Perhaps the most remarkable and certainly spectacular episode in its long life came in 1988 when Spitfire MH434 of the Old Flying Machine Company was flown under it by New Zealander and former Red Arrows pilot, Squadron Leader Ray Hannah, for the TV series ‘Piece of Cake’. This thrilling piece of footage was subsequently used in a later TV seriesĀ  ‘Foyle’s War’.


Winston Bridge is located across the River Tees south of the village of Winston in County Durham (OS Grid Ref NZ 142162)

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