Low Force

This pleasantly wooded recreation spot where the River Tees flows over the Whin Sill lies within the Moor House – Upper Teesdale National Nature Reserve in the North Pennines AONB. The location is not far from the B6277 road through Teesdale and the Bowlees Visitor Centre, making it popular with casual visitors as well as walkers and kayakers. The challenge posed by the river flowing swiftly between the basalt rocks of the Whin Sill draws kayakers from far and wide particularly for the sections at Salmon Leap Falls and, further downstream, the much more formidable drop over Low Force Falls.

Nearby Wynch Bridge provides access to the footpath to Holwick on the opposite side of the river as well as the Pennine Way and Teesdale Way where they pass the popular sculpture by Keith Alexander titled Sheep at Low Force.   

Location NY 902280

Kayaker @ Low Force
Shooting the rapids at Salmon Leap Falls, Low Force © The Durham Cow

Wynch Bridge
Suspension bridge over the Tees at Low Force © The Durham Cow

Sheep at Low Force
2002 sculpture by Keith Alexander at Low Force © The Durham Cow

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