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The Challenge Begins

Well, the ball is rolling and the X-Pennine 300 Challenge is under way: the charity agreement with Carers Trust is signed, the Just Giving page is set up, the Facebook account is in place as is Twitter (@durhamcow) and MapMyRun. I’ve just got to remember to keep them updated and to keep training and avoid injury through the delights of a North East winter.

I need to say first off that although I’ve done a few mountain marathons and bike races in the past I’ve never run or cycled anywhere near the distances that are involved in this challenge and the 48 hour timeframe might very well end up being meaningless but I’ll have a better idea as we get into next year. I’ve written elsewhere that it was passing the 50-year milestone that caused me to start thinking about trying to turn the clock back but I’ll be 52 this year so it’s taken a while to get around to it.

Because I’d written a guide to the Weardale Way I was sure that if I did a challenge of any sort it would involve this excellent trail and by integrating the C2C cycle path it’s produced what I think is an exciting if daunting route. It’s amazing how partnering with a brilliant charity like Carers Trust has really helped my confidence and determination because for some time the whole thing sat on the back-burner because of the doubts I had in my ability to pull it off.

Whilst the date is confirmed as the 16th to 18th May 2014 (a month or so before the longest day and close to being a full moon), timings will be adjusted when I get a better sense of what sort of schedule I might achieve. That will depend on the state of my fitness at the start which in turn will be reliant on how I manage my current injuries and niggles and avoid picking up any more. But more of that later, for now I’m just pleased to have announced it and look forward to the hard work to come…