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My First Weardale Way Talk Safely Delivered

Well that all seemed to quite nicely. Although the room couldn’t have been claimed to be full, the curious souls who did me the courtesy of turning up to hear my debut talk on the Weardale Way at the Dales Centre in Stanhope last night actually claimed to enjoy it! After throwing out half my content at the last minute to shoehorn it into 50 minutes, we turned up at the venue to be beset with the obligatory projector issues. However, Ian, the organiser – who also kindly provided the projector – calmly overcame them with professional decorum and the talk started only a few minutes late with Diane at the controls, changing the slides. Despite using a very unprofessional pointer and failing to keep up with my notes, it all went very smoothly and the only interruption to the flow was Diane’s coughing fit which was so noisy that she decided to leave the room leaving me to turn my own pages! My thanks go out to everyone who attended, to those who kindly bought my book, to Ian Forbes, the organiser who made me feel very welcome and to Gerry Wilkinson for lending a virtual stranger (me) two books that were integral to the theme of the talk. Looking forward to the next opportunity and to hopefully renewing acquaintances.

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  1. Diane #

    The talk went very well…apologies for the coughing, but thanks to a very generous lady who gave me a throat sweet, it was short-lived. I enjoyed the talk and the images, and all of the interaction and input of the walking enthusiasts who attended. Look forward to the next one.

    October 9, 2013

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