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Pelaw Woods Landslide Update – Sept 2014

Latest bulletin from Durham County Council on the Pelaw Woods Landslide (Weardale Way Section 10)

“…Despite our best efforts to get to a solution as soon as possible it is taking longer than anticipated but please be assured we are working our way to a result. 

As you’ll be aware we commissioned a detailed geotechnical survey which was carried out last winter and early spring.  With the scale of the landslide a full understanding of what is going on is necessary before working out the possible solutions.   The report recommended 2 options from a more expensive soil nail slope stabilisation proposal (approx. £750,000) to a simpler, but still costly (approx. £250,000) re-grading with more limited stabilisation works.  In terms of paths and public access, and whatever the landslide solution, we would be expecting the re-instatement of the riverside path, improvement of the main east-west path through Pelaw Woods (the one subjected to vehicles during the monitoring works over the winter), a re-opening of the terrace path (although this may end up with a dip as it may not be feasible to be able to build it up again in the vicinity of the landslip), and the replacement of the seat with the cathedral view.

Within the next week we will be appointing a geotechnical designer to come up with detailed designs and estimates of costs for the repair work.  This will be used initially to secure funds from the County Reserve and then for procurement purposes.

As the landslide is significant and it requires the spending of substantial amounts of public money the process of reaching the solution is protracted and we ask for everyone’s continued patience.   The question of timeframe is one that I can’t easily answer but assuming that funding is secured I would hope that works would begin within the next 6 – 12 months.  We realise that this is much delayed to what we have previously thought.”

Weardale Way – Pelaw Woods Closure Update

From Durham County Council’s Public Rights of Way team: “At Pelaw Woods site investigations are continuing to identify the cause and possible solutions to the landslip. As it stands this is a work in progress and until we have the report we don’t know yet what exactly will be happening. On Saturday 18th May further damage was caused to the riverbank at Maiden Castle (adjacent to the bit we were working on) so we will now be repairing this additional section too. However, this doesn’t alter the sections of path already shut…works will continue into June for about another 3 weeks. Let us hope that the river does not flood again in the meantime. We’ve today updated the signage along the affected and adjacent paths. We are working to secure long term solutions to the riverbank erosion and thank you and your members for their patience.”

Weardale Way closed near Durham City

Landslip on the Weardale Way at Pelaw Wood, Durham City © Metaforz Photography 2013Due to a series of recent landslips, Durham County Council have had to prevent access to the riverside pathway in Pelaw Woods near Durham City on Section 10 of the Weardale Way between Page Bank and Durham City. A second footpath, which runs parallel will also be closed while the investigations are completed and engineers have established that the ground has stabilised. Work is expected to take a number of months. Unfortunately, the footpath on the opposite riverbank at Maiden Castle has also been subject to flood damage and collapse in recent years and work is currently under way to make that path safe resulting in a further temporary closure although work, in this case, is only expected to last for two weeks. More details are available in this DCC press release. As a result, significant detours will be necessary for the period of the respective works and these are shown on the map.