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Welcome to the Durham Cow

Welcome to the The Durham Cow, your guide to the historic sites and unique heritage of County Durham and northern England. Because much of what our region has to offer is hidden in out-of-the-way places that are best accessed on foot you’ll also find the most comprehensive guide on the web to County Durham’s two major long-distance walking trails, the Weardale Way and the Teesdale Way. Each of these fantastic footpaths conducts you across the county from east to west and provides a unique perspective on the county’s special place in the history of the British Isles.

Durham City features in section 10 of the Weardale WayHigh Force features on section 2 of the Teesdale Way

Online Shop

To help lube the financial axles of this project there is an online shop where you can buy your own handy-sized paperback guide to the Weardale Way (the Teesdale Way is coming) OR if you’ve successfully completed either (or both) of the two trails why not buy one of our top-quality Durham Trails Mugs, printed especially for you, to mark your achievement?

For more about this project and its author read the ‘About Us‘ page.