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Welcome to the Durham Cow

The Durham Cow is an energetic blend of history, walking, running and cycling – everything that ticks our own boxes! Nobody knows County Durham better than we do so let us be your guide to its heritage and history, together with the rest of northern England and the Scottish Border – on foot or by bike.

We maintain the most comprehensive guide on the web to County Durham’s two major long-distance walking trails – the Weardale Way and the Teesdale Way – the best ways to see our county’s most significant historical and natural features.

We’re also in the process of writing up thousands of hours-worth of walking, running and cycling routes for a perfect historical day out (we’ve still got a way to go on this one but we’re hoping that the shorter days of winter will help us make some headway).

So if you want to know more about the history and heritage of County Durham and its northern neighbours, do yourself a favour and start here (if you’re interested, you can find out why and how we do what we do on our About Us page).